why “dinkum’s”

Dinkum (adjective)

din·kum | \ˈdiŋ-kəm\

Australian in origin meaning fair, honest, true

As a youngster, Smitty Dize the owner and proprietor of Dinkum’s, was affectionately called “Dinkum, Jr.” Growing up on Smith Island, Maryland it was customary for everyone to have a nickname and Smitty came by his honestly. “Dinkum” was the nickname given to his father, William “Billy” Dize and never was a name more fitting for the man who wore it. To hear friends and family tell stories, there wasn’t a man who embodied the traits of “fair, honest and true” more than Billy Dize. Whether it was as a husband, father, friend or businessman this definition fit Billy to a “T”.

William “Billy” Dize, Dinkum Sr.

William “Billy” Dize, Dinkum Sr.


Growing up as “Dinkum, Jr.,” Smitty knew it was expected that he would carry on these virtues. Smitty has worked the waters his whole life – owning his first crab boat at the age of 14, then working alongside his father and brother at the family’s soft shell crab business, as a merchant mariner, as Harbormaster for the town of Cape Charles and most recently as the manager of the marina, vacation rentals and C Pier restaurant/bar at The Oyster Farm at King’s Creek. In every instance, Smitty led with these virtues as his guiding principles.

It is these qualities that are now the core values of Dinkum’s Seafood.

Only true fresh seafood, sourced mainly from local purveyors at fair and honest prices.

We are a pre-order for delivery only seafood retail business. If you want seafood today, that’s not us, we do not stock anything, that’s how we guarantee “From The Boat to Your Door” Fresh.

Deliveries within the town limits of the Municipal Corp. of Cape Charles are free of charge. We ask that you use the correct shipping method.