Because of owner Smitty Dize’s relationships with our local watermen, Dinkum’s Seafood is able to provide the freshest locally caught seafood - in most cases caught that day in the bountiful waters of the Chesapeake Bay or Atlantic Ocean. Selection will change based on seasonal availability.

“About this time the custom arose of referring to the Eastern Shore with capital letters, as it it were a special place; this tribute was never paid to the western shore.” - James A. Michener, Chesapeake

As Michener noted, The Eastern Shore of Virginia is a special place in many regards but its abundant (and delicious!) seafood is Dinkum’s focus. From Chesapeake Bay blue crabs beginning in early spring to rock fish in the autumn, we are committed to supporting our local watermen (and women) while delivering the bounties of our waters to your door.

OUR regional SEAFOOD

In addition to our local seafood providers, Dinkum’s has established relationships with seafood providers up and down the east coast as well the Gulf of Mexico. Who doesn’t like fresh Maine lobster, Carolina shrimp or Louisiana crawfish. Whether you prefer fin fish, shell fish or crustaceans we guarantee all of our product is wild caught and never frozen.